CAMPTUS aims at promoting ecotourism and agritourism, around beautiful but poor and marginalized places in Tunisia.
Tunisia’s wealthiest governorates in natural resources and cultural backgrounds are in fact it’s most marginalized with poverty ravaging , infrastructure almost absent and unemployment thus desperation are very high among it’s locals going deeper we discovered that in Beja roughly quarter of the community is facing unemployment, the situation is alarming to say the least and the lack of entrepreneurial spirit only makes it harder for the citizens to start their own projects and enterprises . Camptus is a conceptual project that aims at developing ecological parks , promoting agri-tourism in these regions thus creating a dynamic to revive the economy in the area . Currently there are two established parks Located in Sidi Barrak barrage and Mogod each of them provide different set of activities that varies according to the climatic and geographical assets of each campsite, such as aquatic activities in the first camp and alpine activities in the second one . our parks are eco-friendly and run fully on solar energy and also equipped using 3000 kilos of recycled materials . Camptus is a great get away for nature lovers, campers , hikers , photographers and free spirits it is not only a place to enjoy fresh air and fine quality organic food but also to stay the night and camp . So we provided several services such as Restoration by serving local food in the dining area, camping by offering tents, sleeping bags or a stay in the guest house and security, ... our project impacts the lives of 28 families by creating an income and this number is in constant increase since we ensured a link between the local farmers, our direct beneficiaries and cooks . camptus is highly scalable and sustainable project that can combat the dilemma of poverty and unemployment in the remote regions of tunisia by creating job opportunities and encouraging domestic tourism . We created a stable revenue for our two beneficiaries and 13 job opportunities for local citizens , our project is putting citizens in contact with visitors to sell their local products .since it is an ecological park electrical machines are generated using solar energy .