The common practice of getting educated highly depends on visually presented concepts especially in fields like mathematics,biology and geography. where there is less verbal information and high stimulation of our visual memory. which obviously excludes blind students in fact the braille writing system that they use allow them to only read letters and numbers meaning that they have no access to geometry , shapes and graphs and therefore they are restricted in their education and career options.
LAMSA is a Tactile paper printing business that allows the production and sale of educational products for visually impaired students and schools of the blind. This brand improves the quality of their education by providing a sustainable teaching method for them that restores their right to equality. In fact the real innovation of lamsa is in the high functioning innovative printing machine that we invented , it prints regular braille letters and numbers while respecting the international norms and carves the paper giving us 3D graphs thanks to this innovation our product is highly affordable and is highly precise and readable. the innovation of lamsa is in the machine that we invented to print 3D graves and shapes on paper